Feeding your Slack, thing.

In the beginning...

In the summer of 2014 Slack was growing like crazy.  The service launched with a few key features that sharply contrasted the existing social network experience at the time.  The two big items:

  • You own your data.
  • No ads.

Beyond a clear and obvious protocol for like minded people to communicate; even more features existed in the value proposition:

  • Free (with limited functionality that is generally not an issue).
  • API access (including one integration on the Free tier).
  • Web-hooks that were easy to configure and use to send incoming data.
  • Even more customization for the nerds out there...

All the features began to outline how Slack is a central communication service with considerable potential.

We began to wonder....

Is this Social V2.0?

To many, Slack started to outline what Social 2.0 would look like:

  • The user is NOT the product.
  • No ads - or at least some type of control.
  • No scraping, injecting, or running algorithms against what you say and do...
  • Only interact with those you want (via controlling invite and access to a Slack team).
  • Filtering and content control by end user not the top-down “here’s what we think you want to see” patronizing approach that is the norm.

Early iterations on iNTERsLACK were all over the place, but finally a bare bones version was delivered (this app). Starting with YouTube as the first service integration provided a solid base.  We have a lot of other feeds to add, but first is the experience

How to Login/Set up/Edit

In Slack the web-hook is a VERY SECRET piece of information. Don’t leave that laying around or share with anyone you don’t trust.  

To iNTERsLACK, a web-hook works very well as a single login credential, much like tokens are used for various purposes on the internet. 

A web-hook generally should look like:

START: To access iNTERsLACK, only a valid web-hook is required.  To start off the process enter the hook in the start dialog, confirm the pin we send into your Slack team, then start adding feeds.

EDIT: To edit an existing and valid (confirmed) web-hook simply enter the web-hook in the start dialog. iNTERsLACK will create a temporary session for you to make changes.

LOG OUT: To log out of the editing session, choose “destroy session” (in the footer).

DEACTIVATE: To deactivate a web-hook simply delete or edit the web-hook in Slack and we will shut it down on our end.

Because We Care

  • Hooks are stored using field level encryption. We don’t want to loose that information.
  • Modern and robust application cryptography used for hashing and lookups.
  • HTTPS/SSL because we consider all communication important.
  • We seek to minimize and ultimately eliminate all application log leakage.
  • GDPR compliance is simple: We are not tracking anything, aim to only write application performance information to the logs and really don’t give a shit about what you do on the web - the way it is supposed to be...
  • Application server and code are protected by multi-factor authentication and an array of alarms, traps, moat, and poison darts hidden in the walls.
  • Currently NOT collecting any identifiable information.  
  • We are committed to offering a free tier and appropriate functionality that requires no personal identification.

We Reserve the Right…

To send you personal messages in channel. We respect your desire to be left alone in Slack, but as this service progresses we recognize two key truths:

  1. We will have occasional needs to notify users about the service. Having no email dictated that Slack (via the web-hook) is the only way to reach many users.
  2. We reserve the right to use personalized messaging as a means to help offset operational costs.

We reserve the right to refuse our application’s service to anyone we so choose.  It is not our goal to censor, but we can think of a handful of jerks who will get the boot (or worse) if we see them.


  • Feed: A feed is a “subscription” to a data set, such as a YouTube channel, that is sent into a webhook.
  • Pull: The action where iNTERsLACK pulls in data from an external source (such as YouTube) and creates queued payloads for later delivery.
  • Push: The action when iNTERsLACK pushes payloads to a channel (via a feed subscription) that are new to the channel.
  • Prime: A unique iNTERsLACK action that catches up a web-hook to a new feed. A prime is the first push of new data, sometimes a few extra payload depending on internal algorithms.

Contact Us

interslack [at] datamafia [dot] com

iNTERsLACK is not affiliated, endorsed, or supported by Slack.
Learn more about iNTERsLACK here
Current session is editing a webhook ending in . Choosing destroy session stops all editing on a webhook. To stop using this service delete or reset the webhook in Slack.